New(ish) Year, New Goals

It has been a fast and furious start to 2014 for me. (Where did January go?!?!) Luckily, I was able to jump-start a new year of running thanks to some solid training runs during my Christmas travels. I did all of those runs in Virginia Beach both on the boardwalk and in the North End. It was during one of those sessions that I came up with my goals for this year:

  • Run at least 700 miles, hopefully more
  • Break my half marathon PR
  • Start a blog to share my running adventures and encourage others to share theirs

So how am I stacking up so far? At this point I’ve run 57 miles this month, despite a weird knee situation that has popped up a couple of times (ice and foam rollers fix everything, right?). I have two half marathons coming up – one in February and one in March. My training has been going extremely well, knock on wood, so I feel pretty good about my odds of PRing in one of those races. And obviously the blog thing is happening 🙂

What are your goals for the year? Let me know! Comment here or find me on Twitter – @AtlRnnr.