The Case of the Missing Blogger

I’ve been a bad blogger. A horrible blogger, actually. I realize that I haven’t posted in two months. I’ve thought about the fact that I should, but obviously never picked up the laptop and made it happen. And now it’s time.

Back in February, I was lucky enough to land a job at Atlanta Track Club as the PR & marketing communications manager. This means I literally get to write about, talk about and interview people about running all day, every day. I get to tell people’s stories in our magazine and on our social media. I get to work with the media to highlight our great events and programs as well as the inspirational people who participate in them. I get to help set up for our events and then watch as people cross the finish line. Heck, I even get to run at work with my team for our staff workouts.

Me and a few of my co-workers, I'm on the far right

Me and a few of my co-workers at one of our events, I’m the one on the far right

This blog has been a way for me use my writing skills to share my love of running. I had a lot of fun, learned a bit about blogging and met a lot of interesting and fun people along the way, both in person and online. I received encouragement during a very tough time, when a stress fracture ripped my first marathon away from me after I had already completed all of the hard work. I celebrated with you guys when I finally recovered and threw down a half marathon PR. And I learned a little bit about some of the people who read my posts and took the time to comment.

For now, I will not be blogging. I am now focusing on telling other people’s running stories at work instead of talking about my own journey. I actually prefer it that way. But don’t worry, I’m still out there logging miles!


That’s me taking a picture of last year’s winner of the AJC Peachtree Road Race, Christo Landry

To each and every one of you who read this little blog, thank you. I hope it provided you with some motivation, made you laugh or at least allowed you to commiserate about the rough patches runners face from time to time. Your support means more to me than you’ll ever know. I wish you all many happy miles!

You can still find me on Twitter and Instagram – keep in touch!


4 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Blogger

  1. Totally understandable. I used to want to write about weather on Breslanta, but have mostly stopped blogging about it because I feel like I’m taking that away from my job if I blog instead.

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